Lucy's TCM&Acupuncture office at 835 Paramount Drive Clinic--Rates&Hours:

                  Direct Billing available in this clinic. To book an  appointment with Longping at this location, please call

                  905-296-3797(PS: Please mention Longping(Lucy) to the receptionist  when you are booking by phone or book online

         [please select time under Longping(Lucy) Cui

                   Introductory offer: First visit 60min Traditional Chinese Acupuncture  $80

                   60min Follow-up Traditional Chinese Acupuncture  $80 (12-month plan members) 

                   60min Follow-up Traditional Chinese Acupuncture  $90 (6-month plan members)

                   60min Follow-up Traditional Chinese Acupuncture  $100 (non-members)


                  Hours: Monday-Friday:  10:00am--8:00pm

                                Saturdays:            9:15am--3:00pm


                Lucy's TCM&Acupuncture office at 966 Garth Street Clinic (Opening Soon)


              Initial Acupuncture 60min $95

                   60min Follow-up acupuncture $89.99

                   45min Follow-up acupuncture $79

                   30min Cupping+TuiNa  $69

                   30min TCM diagnosis $60

                   90min Cosmetic Acupuncture $130


                Note for Fertility Acupuncture Clients: If you need fertility acupuncture treatment as soon as possible and 

                can't find any available appointments online, you may contact Lucy by email:















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