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TuiNa massage/Acupressure


TuiNa Massage/Acupressure is one of the four main branches of traditional Chinese medicine; its sister therapies are herbal medicine, acupuncture/cupping and Qigong. TuiNa is relatively new to the West but its roots in China are ancient. Archaeological studies have dated TuiNa massage back to around 2700 BC, making it the forefather of all forms of massage and body work that exist today from shiatsu to osteopathy. 

Throughout its history, TuiNa massage has been developed, refined and systematized by doctors in the universities and hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine all over China. TuiNa massage is a very popular form of treatment with the people in China and it is not at all unusual to see people queuing up in long lines outside the hospitals waiting for the TuiNa massage department to open.

It is also the first choice of treatment for infants and children.


Pediatric TuiNa Massage or infant TuiNa massage  is a massage branched out from Traditional Chinese Medicine over a thousand years ago.  It has been extensively practised in China for at least 700 years and experience has revealed unique ways and means of affecting the energy flow in the bodies of young children.

Just as a baby and toddler’s nervous system and circulatory system are not fully mature, neither is their energetic system/meridian systems.  Thus, special techniques have been developed to tap into their immature energetic system thereby simultaneously treating the symptoms of illness and restoring the body to balance. Pediatric TuiNa massage uses a whole system of points and pathways that often do not correspond with any of the adult ones. TuiNa massage for babies is powerful medicine and when performed correctly, its effects are profound.


It is during the first 5-6 years of a child's life that the most important physical, neurological and behavioural developments take place. This is the time when disturbances to the flow and diffusion of vital Qi and its balance between the organs can have the most seriously harmful and lasting effects. These include retarded brain

development, weakened immune response and slow development of the musculo-skeletal system.


Benefits of Pediatric TuiNa Massage

Pediatric TuiNa is found very effective for infants & children between 6 months to 12 years old,especially from 6 months to 7 years old. Illnesses of all kinds are the result of some disturbance to the normal flow of Qi. Therapists & parents can help restore this flow to treat most of the common health issue in babies & children:







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